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Ardmore, OK 73401

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How does the process work?

step 1

Apply today

Complete some basic information about your car to get the process started. It takes less than 2 minutes.

You have up to a 95% chance of getting approved for a loan.
step 2

Get your
vehicle qualified

We verify the information you have given us.

step 3

Send supporting

Your ID or driver license, proof of income (min $1500/mo) and your car title.

Get loan approval in less than 15 minutes
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in hand

Receive the money by cash, check, or deposit. It’s fast and takes about 1 hour.

Why are we the best in the market?

Have your cash in hand in less than 24 hours.

Get approved for a loan in less than 15 minutes by calling 888-663-7074 or apply online.

Low and competitive rates.

The interest rate lowers every month, once you make a monthly payment.

Keep driving your car once you get your cash.

You’ll keep driving your car and receive your title back once your last payment has been completed.

Over 100 convenient locations.

There are over 100 offices in the US so it’s easy to get your car qualified.

Bad credit - OK

You don’t need to have a good credit to get a car title loan.

Highly flexible loan terms.

Choose how long your loan term is. Find a plan that fits your needs.

What are the requirements to get a title loan?

1. Title of your vehicle

The title must be under your name and the vehicle must be lien-free.

2. Your driver license

You'll need a form of identification.

3. Proof of Insurance

You will need proof of insurance and registration on your vehicle.

4. Must be 18 or older

You must be 18 or older to apply for a title loan.

5. The vehicle

You must have the vehicle and you must provide proof of ownership.

6. Proof of income

You must have proof of income at least $1500 a month.

What our customers say about us:

Very Informative!

Very informative, which is important when getting a loan for the first time. We didn’t know a lot about the process and there is A LOT to learn. They made it easy to understand and much less stressful than other lenders.

- Kenneth Shawees
Overall Good Experience!

Overall, I had a good experience working with Oklahoma Title Loans. I’ll be glad to do business with them again sometime.

- Todd Edwin
Super Easy!

Getting a loan in Oklahoma has never been easier! Oklahoma Title Loans takes all the hassle and red tape out of the process!

- Enrique Roderick

Ardmore Title Loans

When you are faced with unexpected financial expenses, don’t get caught off guard by waiting for days to get approved at a traditional bank or credit union. Instead, get a title loan with Oklahoma Title Loans. Unexpected expenses usually have to be taken care of pretty quickly. Unfortunately, traditional lenders take forever to approve you and deposit the money you need in your bank account. Don’t waste your time going through the stressful process of getting a title loan at a traditional bank.

Oklahoma Title Loans offers convenient title loans so that any resident, no matter how bad your credit score, can get the cash they need to overcome the financial obstacle they are facing. We won’t waste your time by putting you through mountains of paperwork, detailed background checks, and long-lasting approval processes. Instead, we will approve you within 15 minutes of your applying and will deposit the money you need in your bank account in as little as 24 hours.

What Are Auto Title Loans?

Unlike a traditional loan, a title loan is readily available to anyone who is the owner of their vehicle. Car title loans make it easy for Ardmore residents to get fast cash without having to have a perfect credit score. You can get a title loan with us if you are the owner of a car, truck, motorcycle, RV, and more.

Car title loans are a financial tool that allows you to get fast money by using your vehicle’s title as collateral. Don’t worry, you can still drive your vehicle while repaying the loan. We will just take the vehicle title while you are making payments and then will return it to you once the loan is completely paid off.

A car title loan is also an amazing way for people with low credit scores to build their credit. Since we don’t require a perfect financial history, local residents can get approved for title loans easily. Once they have the loan, if they make payments on time, they can build their credit for better financial freedom in the future.

How Fast Can I Get Approved For A Car Title Loan?

Car title loans are actually one of the fastest ways to get money to overcome your short-term cash gaps. You can get approved for a loan amount within 15 minutes of filling out our online application form. This form only takes a few minutes to fill out and asks for very basic information about you and your vehicle.

Once approved for a loan amount, we will customize a loan with flexible payments and terms specific to your budget and lifestyle. Once complete, we will deposit the money into your checking or savings account via a direct deposit in as little as 24 hours. To speed up this process you can gather all of the necessary paperwork before beginning the application process.

Reasons For Getting A Title Loan

There are a ton of different reasons for Ardmore residents to get a loan through us. Some of the most common reasons that residents get a car title loan is for emergency expenses, education expenses, medical bills, groceries, fuel, utility bills, and traveling.

We do not use your reason for needing a title loan as a determining factor when approving you. No matter why you are looking for the best car title loans, we will approve you for the funding you need.

Common Auto Title Loan Questions

We have a team that is on standby 24/7 to help answer any questions or concerns that you might have. These are the most frequently asked questions that we get but if you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to get ahold of us.

Do I Have To Leave My Home?

Our loan application process is 100% online. You never have to leave the comfort of your home in order to get the funding you need to overcome the short-term cash gaps that you are dealing with. The title loan process only takes a few minutes to get approved and you will have the money you need in as little as 24 hours.

Do You Do Credit Checks?

No, we do not use your credit score or financial history as a factor in whether or not to approve you for a loan. Instead, we look at your current ability to repay the loan and the value of your vehicle. Our approval process is based on the mileage, age, condition, make, and model of your vehicle.

How Much Money Can I Get?

Ardmore residents have access to up to $50,000 based on the value of your vehicle. We offer customized payment options so that you can be comfortable making your loan payments without having to worry about breaking your budget. The interest rate on our title loans progressively get lower over time so that your payments become cheaper as you make your payments.

How Do I Apply Today?

Get started by filling out our online car title loan application form. This form only takes a few minutes to fill out and asks for basic information about you and your vehicle. Then, submit the required paperwork and receive your money via a direct deposit.

Give Us A Call Today

Ardmore, Oklahoma residents in need of fast cash through a simple application process should give Oklahoma Title Loans a call today. We will work hard to get you the money you need as quickly as possible. Our team guarantees approvals within 15 minutes and deposits in as little as 24 hours. Contact us now to take back control of your finances.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are auto title loans?

    Car title loans (also known as pink slip loans) are one of the fastest ways for people who own their vehicles to get cash, even if they have poor credit. In the case of title loans, your eligibility is based on your vehicle’s value and not on your financial history. This means you can get approved for a loan, even if you have no or low credit.

  • How fast can I get a title loan?

    Our customers are able to get pre-approved in under 15 minutes. Once approved, you can have cash in your hands in as little as 24 hours. To speed the application and approval process up, we recommend that you gather all of the required documents before applying. This will cut down on the signing process.

  • How much money can I get?

    The amount of money you can get through an auto title loan is entirely dependent on the current market value of your vehicle. Our customers have access to up to $50,000 in loan amounts depending on if their car qualifies for the much. To determine your loan amount, our loan officers will assess your vehicle’s make, model, mileage, age, and condition.

  • How do I qualify for a title loan?

    To qualify for a title loan, all you need is $1,500 a month in income and a car that is worth enough money. Most cars newer than 1999 have a higher chance of being approved for larger loan amounts. Our loan requirements include:

    • You are at least 18 years old
    • You make at least $1,500 per month
    • You are the owner of the vehicle
    • The vehicle’s title is lien free
    • The vehicle has insurance and registration
  • Can I keep my car?

    We will not take your car while you are making payments. Instead, you can keep your car and drive it just like normal. We will only take your vehicle’s title until the loan is completely paid off. During this time, the title’s ownership will be transferred to Oklahoma Title Loans. When we return it to you, it will be transferred back to your name.

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